Shakti Prash and Musli Pro - Combo for Better Passion, Drive and Performance

Shakti Prash and Musli Pro - Combo for Better Passion, Drive and Performance


  • Helps in Endurance for Longer Session on bed
  • Great Libido with Longer Stability
  • Beneficial in treating Erectile Dysfunction
  • Helps in Premature Ejaculation
  • Increase the level of moods and Lovemaking Desires
  • Improves Strength and Performance
  • Helps to regulate Hormonal balance
  • Increase Physical Power & Muscle Strength 

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    Prash 250gm X 2 Bottels
    30 caps - 1 Bottles
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    • Improve vitality for men and women

    • Promotes energy for longer session

    • Highly Beneficial In Premature Ejaculation

    • Natural and Zero known Side Effect

    • Provide healthy functions naturally

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    • Shudh Shilajit

    • Safed Musli

    • Jaiphal

    • kavach

    • Tejpatr

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    Ingredients -Sudh Shilajit, Sudh Kaunch, Dalchini, Safed Musli, Satawar, Jaiphal, Ashwagandha, Jaipatri, Kesar, Swarna Bhasma, Satawar, Utangan, Gangeran, Salam Panja, Akarkarbha, Bala, Pipli, Laung, Javitri, Sonth, Marich, Pippali, Nagkeshar, Elaichi, Tejpatra, Vidarikand, Mulethi, Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Gokhru, Talmakhana, Amla, Sarkara, Veedari, Dhatki, Jaipatri, Semal, Juhi, Shatavari, Ramsar, Vang Bhasma, Swarna Vang Bhasma, Swarna Sindur, Sidh Makardhwaj


    Shakti Prash and Musli Pro are an Ayurvedic wellness products combo that helps improve libido. Shakti Prash helps to improve blood circulation, while Musli Pro helps to boost reproductive hormone levels. Together, these products provide a complete solution for improved reproductive health.

    Deemark Shakti Prash helps increase desire in both men and women. It uses traditional Ayurvedic ingredients to boost strength and address problems in relationships. Deemark Musli Pro, on the other hand, is specially made for stress relief in men and women. It helps with erection issues and lactation problems. 

    Using this ayurvedic combo together can make your quality time even better, boost brain functions, recover muscles, and support your heart functioning.

    With Shakti Prash and Musli Pro, you can improve your energy and strength naturally without the risk or chemicals. Step into a healthier lifestyle today.

    Usage Instructions

    Shakti Prash 

    1. Take 1 tablespoon of prash.

    2. Consume after dinner.

    3. Have it with a glass of lukewarm milk.

    Musli Pro:

    1. Take two capsules daily.
    2. Consume after meals.
    3. Preferably have it with lukewarm milk.

    • GMP Certified
    • Fssai Registered
    • HAACP Certified
    • Best Quality Products
    • 100% Natural Herbs
    • No Artificial Colors
    • Made In India
    • Eco Friendly


    How does this benefit overall reproductive health?

    The ayurvedic herbs in Shakti Prash and Musli Pro work together to enhance physical stamina, desire, and performance.

    Can both men and women use this ayurvedic pack?

    Yes, both Shakti Prash and Musli Pro Capsules are suitable for use by both men and women.

    How should these be taken for best results?

    Follow the recommended dosage instructions for each product, usually taken with water or milk.

    Are there any known side effects of using the Shakti Prash and Musli Pro?

    When used as directed, there are generally no side effects due to their natural & ayurvedic herbs.

    Can the combo pack be used with my other medications?

    Consult a healthcare professional before using these supplements with other medications.

    Is it safe for men with heart problems, diabetes, or high BP?

    In case you have been suffering from chronic ailments like heart issues, diabetes or BP, it is advised to consult an ayurvedic doctor.

    Does it increase testosterone and sperm count?

    Yes, Shakti Prash and Musli pro capsule for man contain ingredients like Jaiphal, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Shilajit and Safed Musli that are great for mediating testosterone levels and can boost sperm count and motility.

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