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About DV Group

DV group has put its first stone in 1998 & since its inception till now It continuously achieving milestones, finding its ways by cracking road blocks. "Businesses comes into reality only when we nurture it like a baby, It needs tremendous will power, need to make hard decisions on time, It takes sweat, determination and a high amount of hard work?. We gave a beautiful shape to this dreamful journey & working today with total more than 3500+ members. 12+ individual entities, More than 105+ delivery centers across India & 12+ overseas. Launched our movie channel, followed by 24*7 TV Teleshopping & a cartoon channel with the series begin by 'MAHA',Formed a strong network of channel distribution.

Our interest to serve our customers with at most dedication, lands us to commence our own manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh with the high amount of production to prevent goods shortages and maintain at most quality of the product.

Our pioneer entity 'DEEMARK Healthcare' is a big brand name in India today. We have now become a conglomerate of successful companies, our long-term goal of building a global, multi-product, the multi brand company is now transformed into a reality. DV Group left its footprints successfully in various markets like Health-care products, Lifestyle products, Movie channels. We are further focused to maintain the hard earn bond and loyalty towards our customers and to live up their rising expectations with us by serving them, providing excellent quality of products & the unique way we have been.

Below are the listed entities of DV group of companies,


We have expanded our area with time considering and accepting the required changes. We run a healthcare chain, 'Divyarishi Aarogyam Sansthan' & provide traditional services and modular therapies, treat chronic diseases, etc.We are driven by dedication and innovation, so we try to live upto them. Our company has come a long way on the path of success through sheer diligence and integrity.DV group is an employee eccentric group, People understand that in the long time run success in business can only be achieved, if a company takes adequate care of employees, customers and the society.Past year has been a time of tremendous growth for the Teleone initiative, our list of accomplishments continues to grow.

DV Foundation

DV Foundation is not-for-profit organization by considering our social responsibilities & donate our share, we have started.



Teleone Consumers Product Pvt. Ltd. is one of the eminent teleshopping companies in India, Established in 2008 with a great team to look after the marketing and supply of the products all over the world. We believe to get into basic necessities of individual and come up with innovative daily usable household products, lifestyle products, etc. "Teleone believes in keep moving rapidly by hitting milestones" we believe to go along with our customer's needs and satisfaction. Teleone Consumers Product Pvt Ltd has a huge set up of call centers at various places which are working round the clock 24*7*365 to provide better services to our customers. We have more than 105+ delivery centers, franchise & dealers in almost 100 cities within India and we have 12+ booking & delivery centers across the globe which helps us reaching the maximum number of people to meet their needs and requirements. Our product and brand promotions are seen through television ads, newspaper ads, etc. We almost cover all national and regional channels. Teleone is an open organization, which welcomes customer to share their thoughts and suggestions to help us improving quality, production and delivery of products.

 Health, Fitness,  Kavach,  Digital Yantra, Gemstones, Rudraksh, Clothing Fashion, Home Appliances, Jewellery,  Home Decor


"A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, the whole world step aside for the man knowing where is he going. If you want to make a difference, "We will provide you an opportunity".

Deemark Healthcare is the pioneer company of DV group of companies, registered in 1995. We have started launching our own series of products, making "Deemark" a big brand name. In today's time Deemark healthcare has more than 20 million satisfied customers.

Deemark deals with online selling of healthcare related products with 100% efficiency to provide the expected resolution to customer's problems.

Our few products names are given below,

  • Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus
  • Deemark Musli Active
  • Deemark Musli Pro
  • Deemark Shakti Prash
  • Deemark Mass Gainer
  • Deemark Muscles Builder
  • Deemark Growth Plus
  • Deemark Shilajeet
  • Deemark Shilajeet Gold
  • Deemark Quit Addiction
  • Deemark Fat Killer
  • Deemark Black Hair Shampoo
  • Deemark Hair Building Fiber
  • Deemark Diaba Amrit
  • Deemark Diaba Plus
  • Deemark Mughal Prash
  • Deemark Herbal Sliming Tea
  • Deemark Dard Mukti Oil

For our customers we aim to be India's leading online marketing company by providing round-the-clock product deliveries and value-added services. Our manufacturers can rely on us to provide unparalleled marketing services for their products. For our franchises and retailers we will offer unlimited growth opportunities and towards productivity and profitability, as a corporation.

Altis Life Sciences

Altis life Sciences is a manufacturing plant located in HP (India). Altis Life Sciences is our certified manufacturing plant which is regularly monitored under the supervision of experts. Also hygiene is a must concern to maintain the effectiveness of products. We meet all the government compliances while dealing in herbs & its manufacturing through this we are considering to achieve the goal of global wellness. Nutritional foods / supplements remains our core area, a team of experts in R & D works separately to keep enhancing the products without compromising in quality and taste.


www.mahamovie.in We have launched a free to airHindi Movie Channel - "Maha Movie" -Movie ka keeda on 1st June 2014, audience from urban area is focused by everyone but our focus remains on urban as well as rural audience. We are maintaining our channel in view for people of all ages. The programming of channel is designed to suit the cultural and traditional moods of the masses and the classes of the nation. The channel covers all genres and feature dramas, comedy, spiritual, action, romance, horror or fantasy films.

Directors of the Company Darshan Singh and Vishvajeet Sharma said" The programming is designed to suit the cultural and traditional moods of the masses and the classes. The factor of continuous film entertainment and the theatre like feel makes Maha Movie the channel of choice for vast majority of film enthusiasts. DV Group is also planning to launch a two new channel, one will be shopping channel and other would be a regional channel, they added.

About Director

Mr Darshan Singh, A 22-year TV Teleshopping industry veteran, played several key roles while entering into the multiple business sectors. His list of successful ventures shows his strength as effective business leader. According to him, 'His priority always remains the customers, who he believes are at the heart of his business existence. He further said, while we are a global company with the track record in quality standards that are never compromised. We however, tailor our products to suit needs and desire & ensure that our products are always at the right place and at the right time. Quality is the cornerstone of our success and safety of our products which is non-negotiable and my own destinies will be inextricably linked. We bring our clients much wanted human values, integrity, trust and an assurance of responsibility. We have a clear vision about our strengths and our achievements while holding our basic principles.

Mr Darshan Singh believes in sustainable manufacturing and business practices and he leads the organisation's sustainability initiatives including the adoption of herbal technologies and processes. Today, environmental goals are built into operational approaches, thereby he targets most to the herbal sector.

Vishvajeet Sharma
Mr Vishvajeet Sharma's emphasis on innovation, transparency, business ethics and flatter corporate structures has helped shape DV Group into what it is today - an organization of global recognition, progressive people practices and high standards of corporate governance. He is driving the necessary imperatives for DV group to engage even more deeply with the human aspects of health. Towards this objective, he is engaged with strengthening the company's research and development capabilities, supporting progressive people practices aligned with our goals and building a holistic culture of operational excellence.

"Without goal and passion to achieve, you don't have any energy, and without energy, you simply have nothing"

Vision & Values

"To be a prominent organization with acquiring maximum numbers of loyal customers around the globe, profitability and a healthy financial background with being well known for our ability to serve the best quality products.

"DV Group's success is directly tied to our Core Values, also known as the "Four I's": Innovation, Integrity, Impact, and Individuals. These are cornerstones to our corporate culture, and because they are independent of scale, they have served us well from our early days as a startup through today as a fast-growing global company.

Innovation Developing creative solutions to real challenges. Our products and services deliver unique, compelling value to our customers and partners. In fact, we expect to have a significant, positive impact on the bottom line. We passionately strive to help our customers run their companies better and faster. Their success breeds our success.

Integrity Delivering on the commitments we make. We understand what is expected of us and ensure that we have the resources to meet or beat that expectation. Because we empower our employees to do the right thing and place a high value on open communications, every person who works in or with our company knows they can depend on us to do what we say we'll do.

ImpactMeasuring and rewarding results, not activityWe believe effort should not be confused with progress. We ensure that every person in our company understands what success looks like and how to get there. People succeed here based on the delivery of measurable results. And we expect people on our team to deliver those great results with a great attitude.

Individuals Valuing every person at DV group We believe that the single greatest asset of a company is people. By treating everyone in our company as a person, not a number, we create a work environment that is responsive to needs both on and off the job. We take our business very seriously, but maintain a healthy sense of balance in our lives.


  • Customer's satisfaction.
  • Open to new and creative Ideas.
  • Commitment and dedication.
  • Loyalty and honesty
  • Team work and integrity.
  • Chasing excellence and quality.

Business Plans & Expansion Branches


We are planning to establish more retail outlets for selling products that have completed their life cycle on television but have an equity which can be optimized.


Our online store is growing rapidly and we are working towards turning it into the largest online shopping mall in India and the preferred shopping destination of customers.


we are in process of doubling the number of franchise outlets to cover every nook and corner of India. Our plan to optimize the brand equity and provide better shopping access for customers in small towns is also being quickly realized.



By using direct marketing tools, we are selling products that need one-on-one interaction directly to customers.


Especially selected institutions and corporate organizations will be targeted as part of our marketing strategies.


To achieve perfection and growth in life everyone has to cross mountain rocks of hardships and not soft grass. To soar above the mountain like eagles is what we are seeking for growth for all associates. DEEMARK established in November 2004 to 20th February 2007 is now a renowned name in the field of online selling through Direct sales, Multi level marketing and Online promotion sales. The directors and promoters are highly qualified and experienced in different fields and having vast experience in industrial and administration relations and has supported by a group of companies, who are engaged in manufacturing, trading and engineering fields.

Our respondents are planning to make significant changes to their operations in the next three years. Almost 75% expect a reasonable amount of change will be required, but 40% expect that change to be extensive.

This is consistent across all geographies, but particularly in Western Europe, as well as consistent across all sectors.

Three issues dominate how businesses expect to change in the coming three years :

1. Expansion into new international markets.

2. Reduction in costs.

3. Pursuit of greater efficiencies.

The most pressing issues vary by geography :

1. Brazil, India and the US anticipate international expansion.

2. Western Europe and the US are looking for cost reduction and increased efficiency.

3. Russia is focused on efficiency.

4. Brazil has high expectations around mergers and acquisitions.

5. IT investment is expected in India and Russia.

6. China emphasizes improvements in quality.

Similarly, there is variation in the planned response by sector :

1. Retailers and consumer product companies are looking for international expansion.

2. Financial service companies expect debt reduction.

3. Real estate and retail companies anticipate increased efficiencies.

Likelihood of change vs. impact of change.

It comes as no surprise that respondents expect change to take place widely across their company, affecting every business function. Corporate strategy and risk management are the two areas where change is assumed to be most likely as a company is rethinking its market and trying to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

This is reflected in our findings, where the functions identified as most likely to change are :

1. IT

2. Performance management

3. Sales and marketing

4. Governance, risk and compliance

5. Corporate strategy.

However, these functions change rank when grouped according to impact.

  1. Corporate strategy
  2. Acquisition-based growth strategy
  3. Sales/marketing
  4. Innovation management, IT, performance management
  5. Governance, risk and compliance


"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

"It is important to get break from work and enjoy. So we the DV Group arrange monthly parties for employees who are working hard and helping in raising the standard and good will of company higher.

Monthly parties are arranged to make employees feel free with their bosses and enjoy the atmosphere of office. These parties are also exhibit at the time of festivals like Diwali, Holi, New Year etc.

Company Team Outing Ideas

1) Volunteer giving time to support a good cause isn't just good for the soul, it's also a great way for your team members to bond. Place-based volunteering ideas include things like volunteering at a local soup kitchen, helping build a Habitat for Humanity house, or delivering gifts to children's hospitals during the holidays.

2) Mystery dinners are one of the most beloved traditions here at Teleone. On a single night, you send a group of folks from different teams within your company to dinner somewhere in your city (or at someone's house). The dinner is hosted by one of your company's leaders and paid for by the company. These dinners allow random groups of people from the same company to spend an evening chock full of good food and conversation together. What makes them a mystery dinner ? The only thing participants should know about the dinner ahead of time is the date and time. Then, on the afternoon the dinner is supposed to take place, send each group an email with the name of the restaurant they're going to and who they'll be going with so they can arrange transportation together.

Optional : Give every dinner host the name of a restaurant or bar to invite everyone to congregate at once the dinners are over.

3) Room Escape Games Here's a great bonding activity that requires leadership skills, teamwork, logic, and patience.
Room escape games -- Escape the Room, Puzzle Break, Adventure Rooms, etc. -- have become a wildly popular team-building exercise for groups around the globe.

Here's how it works:

A group of people get" Such are some of the creative we do to enhance the working environment in our companies.