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Zircon/American Diamond

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5 1/4 Ratti Ring (Rs.1995)
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7 1/4 Ratti Pendant (Rs. 2945)
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5 1/4 Ratti Ring (Rs.1995)
5 1/4 Ratti Pendant (Rs.1995)
7 1/4 Ratti Ring (Rs.2945)
7 1/4 Ratti Pendant (Rs. 2945)

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Zircon,the name comes from the Arabic word 'zarqun' or the Persian 'zargun'.American Diamond has quality of attraction.If the marriage of someone is getting delayed,then person should wear american diamond / zircon.Zircon is very much beneficial for people working in film industry,television,fashion industry,import export.Zircon should be worn on Friday with silver or gold.Zircon (American Diamond) suits to anyone with zodiac Taurus and Libra.

The american diamond which reflects the colors of the rainbow,is light and round but exhibits all its eight facets and is without lines or dots is best diamond. A defective or blemished diamond is set to cause great harm.Sukra or venus is harmonized by american diamond. Sukra represents luxuries, romance, partnership wealth, beauty, arts, comforts, jewellery, happiness, and vehicles.

American Diamonds are associated with luxuries, jewellery, wealth, beauty etc. Sukra or venus has since antiquity symbolized beauty,not just in material life but inner life as well.American diamond stone (Zircon) is the substitute stone for Diamond.Its high luster symbolizes the refined liveliness and loveliness of nature within and around us.

It helps us to get the essence of things and grants us the courage to look within ourselves without illusion. American diamond gemstone inspires us to take better care of our health and strengthen our will power.

Original American Diamond (Zirconia) is worn for general luck.American Diamond is highly recommended for those born on the 5th , 14th and 23rd of a month.It is also recommended for those who have venus well placed in their natal charts or in their horoscopes.

Zircon,mainly used in jewellery to imitate and replace the diamond has the advantage of being much less expensive.It is also present in the chemical industry and in the field of nuclear geochronology to determine the age of the rock from which it is extracted.

Zircon stone has carried on all civilizations, great fascination, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of collectors to gather all the nuances of this stone.However,the transparent zircons are mostly used in jewellery because of their resemblance to the diamond, which makes this an ideal substitute for stone.

Zircon is the oldest known terrestrial rock and one of the most common of the crust but the crystals rarely reach the size of several centimeters.Sometimes colorless zircons have a natural color which varies from yellow, red to brown, but can also be green,blue or black.

For a Long time zircon is regarded as a stone of second order, especially as a replacement to diamond has claimed its place among gemstones.Zircon are mainly found in Asia, particularly in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar and Australia.

Properties of Zircon Gemstone

Ruling Planet  :  Venus
Indian Name  :  Tursava
Wearing Day  :  Friday



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