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Taakat Vati - Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Gain

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Taakat Vati is a unique formulation enriched with 16 powerful Ayurvedic ingredients. It is an Ayurvedic formulation developed by a panel of experts of DIVYARISHI AROGYAM SANSTHAN, Taakat Vati is a revolutionary formulation. It is designed to strengthen the metabolism & promotes healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, It is useful for full mineral absorption, It boosts up immunity & gives overall health.

It helps keep energetic and vibrant, It cleanses & soothes intestinal walls ensuring regular bowel movement without any abdominal cramps and is also effective on associated problems like gas, acidity & flatulence. Feel light & active all day long.

The unique advantage of consuming is that it is purely herbal & vegetarian product, no steroid is used to enhance results artificially. The overall benefits of it will sustain for long term enhancing your energy levels. Also one can surely consume it for longer term with no any side effects.

Itís a completely safe & easy to consume and cost effective too.


One Pack - 2 Pouch (Each 60 Tablets)
Two Packs - 4 Pouch (Each 60 Tablets)

How to use

2 Tablets in the morning after 30 minutes of breakfast and 2 tablets with lukewarm water 30 minutes before dinner at night.

Each 750mg Tablet Contains Powder of :

Himsara (Cappaaris spinosa) 65mg
Kasani (Cichorium intybus) 65mg
Mondoor bhasam (Ferric Oxide calx) 35mg
Kakamachi (Solanum Nigrum ) 35mg
Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) 25mg
Shatavar (Asparagus racemosus) 25mg
Baheda (Terminalia bellirica) 65mg
Sanay (Cassia Senna) 15mg
Tejpatra (Cinnamomum tamala) 15mg
Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) 65mg
Kali harar (Terminalia Chebula) 15mg
Narka choor (Curcuma Zerumbet Roxb) 65mg
Sendha Namak (Rock salt) 65mg
Namak Lahori (Halite) 65mg
Kala Namak (Black salt) 65mg
Nausadar shuddha (Sallamoniac) 65mg

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