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HomeGemstonesSunehla/Golden Topaz Gemstone

Sunehla/Golden Topaz Gemstone

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An effective gem, which almost acts as a mental tonic,the Golden Topaz (Sunehla ) confers dignity and nobility of character.One gets innovative ideas by wearing this gem and learns to control anger and also turning one`s energies positively.Golden topaz should be worn on the index finger on Thursday morning.

Topaz is the crystal used in jewellery,classified as fine stone.This semi precious stone comes in a wide variety of colors in nature.Among the most coveted face the imperial topaz found primarily in Brazil in its characteristic golden color intense to orange-red. Some darker shades can be obtained by heating or irradiation.Different colors are due to a very small substitution of the aluminum structure with crystalline chromium, iron,cobalt, etc.Long exposure to sunlight can cause the Golden Topaz a change of color, especially for brown varieties.

Golden Topaz (Sunehla) is said to be a good luck charm for the persons born in the month of November. Golden Topaz is very much effective in treating liver diseases. Golden topaz also helps to balance our emotions and control anger,ego.It helps us to understand new concepts,leading us to spiritual fulfillment.Golden Topaz activates the metabolism and facilitates digestion. Golden Topaz also improves communication skills by forcing others to pay attention to your views.

Properties of Golden Topaz Gemstone

Indian Name  :  Sunehla
Wearing Day  :  Thursday



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