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Siddh Nazar Raksha Kavach

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Throughout the whole human history, in every culture and religion, the eye figure has been considered as a powerful talisman to defy evil forces. Thousands of years old talisman continues to fight against the evil eye all over the world. The eye that has began its journey from Egypt 5000 years ago, continues its trip within the human adventure with the shiny beads of Anatolian bead masters.

Siddh Nazar Raksha Kavach is a different combination of Evil Eye beads. Evil eye bead gives protection and brings luck to all. It is especially given for a new born baby or a person who bought a house or car. People usually hang it to the entrance of their houses cars or wear them in their shirts.

It is believed to ward off evil eye influences and negative influences in one's life. Siddh Nazar Raksha Kavach is considered to be the most powerful tool which help in protecting against bad and negative effects in one's life.

Siddh Nazar Raksha Kavach Kit consist of :

  • Evil Eye Locket
  • Evil eye pendent for kids
  • Evil eye bracelet
  • Evil eye amulet for home, Office and Car.
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Siddh Nazar Raksha Kavach

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