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Panna / Emerald Gemstone

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5 1/4 Ratti Ring (Rs. 2945)
5 1/4 Ratti Pendant (Rs.2945)
7 1/4 Ratti Ring (Rs. 3895)
7 1/4 Ratti Pendant (Rs. 3895)
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5 1/4 Ratti Ring (Rs. 2945)
5 1/4 Ratti Pendant (Rs.2945)
7 1/4 Ratti Ring (Rs.3895)
7 1/4 Ratti Pendant (Rs.3895)

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Emerald is the gem of the planet Mercury.It is known by many names such as turquoise gem in Sanskrit, Panna in Hindi and Emerald in English.It is dark and light green.It is mostly found near the Himalayas,Girnar and Sun River.The word emerald comes from the Latin word "Smaragdus" Greek "smaragdos" which means "shining stone" or from the Persian word "Zamarat" meaning "heart of stone".This gemstone is fortunate to hold.

Emerald gemstone (Panna Ratna)should be worn by astrologers,maths teachers,traders,publishers, accountants and intellectuals.It is believed that the person who wears emerald gemstone gets health,wealth & prosperity.Emerald is considered to be very much beneficial for eyesight.

Emerald (Panna) is velvety green in color, The most coveted emerald is that which is radiant and smooth and has neither cracks nor dots.Emerald harmonizes and strengthens the positive influences of Budha or mercury.These influences include intelligence, education, speech, teaching, learning, communication, confidence, writing, drawing, trade, humor, wit, discrimination, diplomacy, intellect and commerce.

Emerald (Panna) is found mainly in five colors.Emerald is a very soft stone & is one of the most precious stones.Its price is determined according to color, appearance, brightness, weight, transparency.

Original Emerald helps to lift depression and insomnia and promotes knowledge of the heart resulting in peaceful dreams.Helps to ease labor and delivery.Emerald is also known as the gem of Lord Ganesha.Emerald gemstone basically improves & strengthens the positive influences of Budha or mercury planet in the native's horoscope.It should be worn on Wednesday,Friday and Saturday.

Similar to the placement of Budha or Mercury which revolves around Surya (Sun) and is directly influenced by that relationship,the sub-thalamic nucleus' activity is influenced by the input it receives and modulates its output accordingly.Emerald saves a person from troubles,increases power of faculty,gives mental peace,pacifies the anger and increases eye sight. It keeps the body health and mind happy. It is uses to counter the ill effects of mercury.

Beliefs about the emerald is said that the emerald has the property to learn the strengths and weaknesses of people who wear it.This gemstone symbolizes hope and inspiration.It is also the stone of knowledge, the bearer of universal knowledge.The emerald as gemstone has a value of initiation.It brings us closer to ourselves and allows us to access states of consciousness previously censored by our level of consciousness.

The emerald is one of the four precious stones,it is part of the group of silicates,it is actually a variety of Beryl.Its green color is due to traces of several minerals such as chromium, vanadium or iron.If you look closely, you can be more specific about the color and say it depends on the amount of chromium.Therefore it can be yellow-green or blue-green.

The sources of the most famous emeralds are from Colombia, Brazil and Africa (Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa).Other deposits also exist in Afghanistan.

Properties of Emerald Gemstone -

Ruling Planet  :  Mercury
Indian Name  :  Panna
Wearing Day  :  Wednesday



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