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DM - Head Massager

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DM Head Massager - Have a great head massage at any time you want.

Going home after a hard day, taking off your shoes & slumping on the sofa is already very good. But would not it be paradise if you could also have a head massage? No need for anyone, you can now make an excellent head massage whenever you like! A great gift idea too!

The head is the center of all movements of the nerves.DM Head Massager helps to get relaxation,better circulation of the blood & is good for curing fatigue,headaches & migraines.

DM Head Massager is designed with 1 automatic program & vibration function on forehead & back of head & is equipped with small speakers around ear area.Through gentle massage, DM Head Massager also know as best stress relief head massager will bring you nice sensations of comfort.Its vibration function will stimulate your scalp, giving you instant relief from headache.

DM Head Massager is Very easy to use Head Massager & will quickly become your ideal companion!You can keep this Portable DM Head Massager at home but also bring it to the office to relax during a break! Its latest features can also be very useful for an important meeting ! So here is an excellent gift to offer to all your loved ones who love to be massaged & pampered.

So next time when you feel stressed , tired or having a head ache .DM Scalp Head Massager will definitely help you.

DM Head Massager Technical Specifications

  Power : 6W DC 6V
  Color : Light Gray

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