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Divya Jeevan Kit

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Divya Jeevan Kit (Rs. 3990)

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Divya jeevan kit is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine which is formulated with high potency herbs that is beneficial in numerous health issues including regular detoxification process of body to enrich your naturalistic life. This product boots immune system, clears all your problems related to digestions, It helps overcome the problems related to kidney stone, piles, hernia, high blood pressure, it gives you healthy liver & stomach, it gives you relief in heavy pains like waist or knee. This product will definitely stop your frequent visit to the doctor.

Our motive is ---

  To prevent you undergoing unnecessary surgeries.

  To shield your body against diseases.

  To pull you out of the habits of in taking regular chemically formulated medicines.

Along with ayurveda, this Divya Jeevan Kit will take you to the world of YOGA. The booklet and CD, which are a part of this kit; will provide you the explanations and modifications for practitioners at all levels of ability. This is a gentle yoga practice that will accompany you with repeated practice help you to alleviate many chronic aches and pains, once you learn the poses, you may want to practice them without the CD because you will no longer need the detailed explanations.

Using Process ---

Alaukik jeevan shakti capsule (80) : Daily 2 capsules, 1 capsule in Moring around 11:00am and 1 capsule in Evening around 04:00pm with lukewarm water.

Divya Shuddhi capsule (05) : Weekly Once in early morning at 03:00am, do not take Divya jeevan shakti powder on the previous night.

Divya jeevan shakti powder (200gm): 1/2 spoon powder with lukewarm water 30 minutes before going to bed.

Urja pravah vigyan pustika : Read this booket to understand 7 mooladhar chakras which will keep your body in Balance.

Aahar vigyan pustika : This booklet will help to understand what type of diet has to be taken and what items should be avoided.

Divya yog sadhna CD : To perform yoga for 30 minutes regularly.

Divya Jeevan Kit An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


Ashwagandha 60 mg.
Satawar 25 mg.
Kaunch 60 mg.
Vedari 60 mg.
Musli 25 mg
Bala 50 mg
Beej Band 25 mg
Brahmi 25 mg
Shankhpushpi 50 mg
Sounth 25 mg
Mirch 10 mg
Peepal 10 mg
Punarnava 50 mg
Arjun 50 mg
Mulethi 50 mg
Awla 50 mg
Harar 50 mg
Bahera 50 mg
Gulab 25 mg
Pudina 50 mg
Bhringraj 50 mg
Jaiphal 10 mg
Elaichi 10 mg
Laung 0.5 mg
Saunf 25 mg
Ajwain 25 mg
Giloy 25 mg
Dalchini 10 mg
Tej Patta 10 mg
Nagarmotha 30 mg
Storage: Store in a cool, dry & dark place.

An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


Ashwagandha 100 mg.
Musli (White) 100 mg.
Kaunch 75 mg.
Beej Band 75 mg.
Jaiphal 25 mg
Shilajit 25 mg
Ras Sindur Bhasma 25 mg
Makardhwaj Bhasam 25 mg
Trivang Bhasam 25 mg
Abhrak Bhasam 25 mg

Quantity in this pack :

1 Jar of 200 gm Powder
1 Bottle of 80 Capsules
1 Bottle of 5 Capsules

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