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Digi X Watch Mobile


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Digi X Watch Mobile

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DIGI X WATCH MOBILE is an amazing product made to match the new technology in the modern tech world, Designed for unisex with copper & black color, the watch is so attractive to the eyes and the design used is spectacular. Its arms are flexible, comfortable and durable, it can be made to fit every hand, everyone should own this watch to personalize look for any occasion.

This smart watch is very easy to use and while reading the user guide everything else becomes very easy. The SIM card can be placed inside the watch or one can connect it with Bluetooth; this is an admirable technology and is like a symbol of technology familiar or advanced people. Being a small gadget just on your wrist, the watch is capable of taking photos with its camera, record & play audio & video, browse anything anytime and has efficient storage to store data with expandable memory.

The sound is so clear & audible that you will never miss a call from the watch without your acknowledgment. The cost of the watch is considered reasonable.

An advanced technology called Pedometer is installed in the watch to enable the users to record their steps and count the distance which a person can cover during sports activities.

Sleep monitoring will facilitate the users to live a healthy life by knowing the quality of their sleep. The watch is equipped with this sleep monitoring making it the most excellent gadget in the market.

This watch always shows notifications such as call or message on the display screen, so you'll always see important info such as time, notifications and many more. By inserting SIM into this watch directly respond to the messages right from your watch, even when your phone isn't with you.


  Imported Silicon Strips
  Black Metallic Finish


  1.3 Mega Pixel camera
  1.6 inches Screen (Display)
  64 MB RAM
  128 MB ROM
  380mAh battery
  1-2 hours of charging time

Basic functions and Features

  Text messages  Alarm
 Bluetooth  Calendar
 Call records  Calculator
 BT dialer  Profile
 Remote notifier  File manager
 Remote Camera  Audio player
 Sleep monitor  Video recorder
 Sedentary reminder  Image Viewer
 Quick response, Smart search  Video player
 Sounder recorder  Browser SIM tool

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