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Deemark Mughal Prash

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Mughal Prash is a herbal formulation of highly effective herbs to cure spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction etc. It helps to regain the healthy sexual functions naturally. These ingredients act on both nervous and reproductive organs. Mughal Prash is a Dietary Supplement beneficial in natural sexual enhancement. It stimulates blood flow to the Genital region.

The massaging action of Oil increases the impulses to the sexual organ for initiating sexual act. The highly organized sensory end organ system in the genital parts then transmits signals to the brain & erection & arousal occurs. It works best for men who fail to get an erection from time to time, despite feeling sexually aroused and also for those who have problems with maintaining sexual desire.

Capsules is a boon who has poor penile rigidity due to over indulgence in sex or old age, with the growing age it continues the pleasure of sex.

There could be a number of reasons for sexual problems including psychological & physical factors or a combination of both. Mughal Prash works on all factors.

It is 100% Herbal and it has no Side effects.


(1)   Ashwagandha (16)   Abhrak Bhasm -- Biotite mica
(2)   Shatavar (17)   Mukta Shukti Bhasm -- Pearl Ouster
(3)   Kaunch Beej (18)   Praval Pishti -- Coral calcium
(4)   Safed Musli (19)   Kamal Phool
(5)   Beej Band (20)   Kali Mirch
(6)   Vidari Kand (21)   Bhrami
(7)   Kesar (22)   Munakka
(8)   Laung (23)   Uttangan
(9)   Shuddh Shilajeet (24)   Gangeran
(10)   Jaiphal (25)   Mulethi
(11)   Talmakhana -- Asterazantha Longifolia (26)   Amla
(12)   Akarkara (27)   Agaru -- Aquilaria agallocha
(13)   Vanga Bhasm -- Tin oxide (28)   Tejpatta
(14)   Lauh Bhasm -- Iron Oxide (29)   Sarkara
(15)   Gokhru -- Tribulus Terrestris (30)   Varahikand

Product contains

- 2 bottles of Prash, 2 bottles of capsule, 2 bottles of oil
-Prash bottle weight (single) - 250 gms
-Capsules bottle quantity (single) - 30 cap
-Oil bottle weight (single) - 50 ml

Using Process

Prash - 1 spoon prash, after dinner, before going to bed, with 1 glass lukewarm milk.

Capsule - 1 capsule in the morning, after breakfast, with 1 glass of lukewarm milk.

Oil - Massage on genital part for 3-5 mins with this oil taking in required quantity before going to bed in the night.
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