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Deemark Fat Killer

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Getting rid of glut body fat can take up a lot of your time. Many persons spend time going to different gyms, trying out new forms of exercises, researching and trying out different diets but to no avail. The will and determination exist most of the times but sometimes we just fall short of accessing the accurate methods and resources to make it happen. For those persons who haven't given up Fat Killer is a supplement that will produce excellent results. It works first and foremost in burning fats within your body. Fat killer - The natural way to reduce fat.

Deemark Fat killer Natural Herbal Product that works best for permanent weight loss. As it blocks the fat from clinging to your body organs, so does it burns stored fats rapidly? And the answer is, "YES". Fat killer is formulated to boosts your metabolism and confines your craving. It is made from natural herbs for safe and better results. It is formulated to strip away unwanted fat and to maintain a slim and fit body. Deemark Fat Killer 100% Natural & Safe.

DEEMARK FAT KILLER - Natural Herbal Product

Punarnava 1000 mg
Harar 1000 mg
Bahera 1000 mg
Awla 1000 mg
Nagarmotha 500 mg
Sonth 150 mg
Peepal 25 mg
Mirch 25 mg
Chitrak 50 mg
Daruhaldi 500 mg
Ajwain 250 mg
Katili 550 mg
Bael 500 mg
Bala 500 mg
Nisoth 275 mg
Nirgundi 275 mg
Vrakshamla 100 mg
Yograj Guggul 50 mg
Lehsundi Vati 50 mg

125 mg


25 mg

Giloya 750 mg
Panch Lavan

1000 mg



Sanai 100 mg
Sonth 50 mg
Peepal 50 mg
Punarnava 50 mg
Gokharu 50 mg
Nisoth 50 mg
Harar 50 mg
Bahera 50 mg
Amla 50 mg
Vrakshamla 100 mg
Yograj Guggul 50 mg
Lehsundi Vati 50 mg
Preservatives Q.S.

Fat Killer' (24 herbs). It contains 3 boxes of powder (125 gm each) and 3 strips of capsules (10 caps each).

Using process will be as follows:

For powder: 1 teaspoonful twice a day with luke warm water.
For capsule: 1 capsule in evening with luke warm water.
Colour of powder is grey or brownish and it will be tasteless. Capsules will be golden in colour.

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Deemark Fat Killer

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