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Asthi Sanjivak

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Our ancestors always had natural remedies to cure themselves for any sort of diseases & we are gifted with it, called "Ayurveda" which is globally accepted and many people across the world treating themselves in herbal way due to its zero side effects and capacity to cure from its root.

Knee pain is most common in these days for any age of people but this may be spoiling many of your dreams like to go for outing abroad or for Chardham yatra.

But using the ancient form of treating chronic knee pain we have got this remedy for you, when you make and apply it's paste on your knees, you can actually see the wonders happening to you, Asthi Sanjivak is a boon for all those who were highly troubled because of tremendous knee pain.

The blend of its natural herbs provides quick relief from chronic knee pain as well as they help to diminish stiffness in joints and muscles. Most of all none other sort of treatment is successful enough to give relief in it but this ancient remedy will work as blessings to you from our progenitors.

Lep Ingredients

Each 100gm
Shatavari 27.5 gms
Kali Musli 10 gm
Devdar Chips 10 gm
Ashwagandha 10 gm
Amla 10 gm
Daruhaldi 10 gm
Punarnava 10 gm
Sonth 10 gm.
Shallaki 2.5 gm

Oil Ingredients (Each 5 ml)

Til Tail 2.5 ml
Haldi 25 mg
Ashwagandha 25 mg
Lahsun 25 mg
Ginger 25 mg
Kapoor 25 mg
Tarpene Tel 2.5 ml
Jal q.s.

Quantity in this pack
2 Jar of 200 gm Powder
2 Bottle of 150 ml oil
Store in cool, Dry & Dark place

Using process: -

Powder: Prepare a paste of this powder with lukewarm water and apply it on affect area. Let it dry for some time and then let it after bandaging with the given bandage.

Oil : After washing the paste in morning, apply oil according to the need.

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