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Allah Hafiz

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Allah Hafiz is a blessed Locket which is a miracle made possible by Science and its blessing, which can show its glory, in beautiful calligraphy, to all his believers. It is one great way of being in the shadow of its blessings always. This Rhodium plated Locket is with a miniature crystal slab containing Nano-graphically inscribed calligraphic images and text of its 99 names.

In our beautiful lives some freebies such as frustrations, failures, misery, condemnation, illusions and unmapped crossroads. This in short means that we do not get the solution for all the problems in life, on the contrary, if there is a problem ? there has to be a solution anyhow, somehow. And our solution for all human problems is our Allah Hafiz Silver locket.

This locket has an incredibly done miniature work and to view it we have empowered it with tiny pearl sized magnifying lens through which one will be able to view Aytal Kursi. One who has the blessing of Aytal Kursi is destined to be protected from all the final day of decision.

Further to protect one from all the misfortunes of life The Allah Barkat Locket has been carved with the Khan-a-Kaba, 99 names of Allah, Char Kul, Gumbad-e-Khizra, Loh-e-Kurani

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Allah Hafiz

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