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Slim Sutra
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Slim Sutra

Slim Sutra contains many rare herbs and extract of Garcinia Cambogia which is a popular weight Loss supplement & a proven herb, responsible to reduce weight.

Slim Sutra includes HCA which blocks your body ability to build fat and it put the brakes on your appetite. It is also known as Fat Burner. It halts fat production in the body, It increases metabolism more than diet and exercise.

Obesity no longer affects only the older human is an epidemic, a reality in an alarming number of children as well. So we are offering a slimming hand to those in search of one!

It helps to BURN FAT and SUPPRESSES APPETITE. It delivers instant energy and enhanced focus. It has zero side effects, contains no artificial fillers or binders. It is safe for all who are looking to get in shape by shredding the extra pounds from their body.

Slim Sutra Powder
Allium Sativum (Garlic) 25 parts
Commiphora Mukul (Guggul) 100 Parts
Premna Integrifolia Ext. (Agnimantha) 50 Parts
Raphanus Sativus Beeja Ext. (Radish) 100 Parts
Soya Lecithin 25 Parts
Terminalia Arjuna Ext. (Arjuna) 25 Parts
Tinospora Cardifolia Ext. (Guduchi) 25 Parts
Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Yasthi-madhu) 25 Parts
Shilajeet 25 Parts
Trikatu 20 Parts
Nimbu Sat 20 Parts

Slim Sutra Regular Capsule
Kokam 500 mg
Bhumyamalaki 100 mg
Amla 75 mg
Sounth 75 mg
Tulsi 75 mg
Chitrak 50 mg
Nosoth 75 mg
Neem 25 mg
Methika 25 mg
Triphala 100 Parts
Trikatu 75 each
(Pippali, fruit, organic black pepper fruit and organic ginger root.)
Katuki 50 Parts
Agnimantha 50 Parts
Vidanga 25 Parts
Hingu 25 Parts
Jeeraka 25 Parts
Heeng 20 Parts

Slim Sutra Advance Capsule
Shuddha Hingul 35 mg
Shuddha Jaiphal 35 mg
Kupilu 80 mg
Haritaki 150 mg
Trivrit 25 mg
Amaltas 25 mg
Isabgol 25 mg
Khurasani Ajamoda Q.S.

Using process

500gms of powder: - 1 spoon twice a day with lukewarm water, half hour before meal.
80 capsules: - 1 capsule twice a day with lukewarm water, half hour before meal.
Advance 6 capsules: - 1 capsule once in a week, empty stomach.

Capsule Dosage

1 box powder (500gm)
1 bottle regular capsule (80 capsules)
Advance capsules-6 capsule

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