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Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus

MRP Price : Rs. 2390.00
Online Discount : 5%
Teleone Price : Rs. 2271.00

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Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus (Rs. 2271)

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Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus - a unique formula compounded according to the ancient principles of Ayurveda.

All kinds of hair oil available in the market are good in one way or the other. But the most trusted brand among the masses is Deemark Herbal Hair Oil. Packed with the natural ingredients, Deemark Herbal Hair Oil is today the largest hair oil brand in the country with over 25 million consumers. Deemark herbal hair oil has constantly evolved as the epitome of beauty for Indian women. DEEMARK Herbal Hair Oil is a unique formula compounded according to the ancient principles of Ayurveda.

The customers got good results after using Deemark Herbal Hair oil, now the company Has launched an advance version of Deemark Herbal Hair oil under the brand name of Deemark Herbal Hair oil Plus.It is specially developed for the purpose of delivering luxuriant hair and healthy roots. Which contains more ingredients, i.e. 57 natural herbs . It is design in such a way which will be more useful and provides its great value to our customers who have already use Deemark Herbal Hair oil.

The Benefits of New Deemark Herbal hair oil Plus.
  • Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus strengthens hair, promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying.
  • Deemark Herbal Hair Oil plus prevents itching and scalp infection.
  • Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus stimulates scalp and hair follicle to produce new and healthier hair.
  • Deemark Herbal Hair Oil Plus useful against baldness and dandruff.
  • Deemark Herbal Hair Oil plus is soothing & emollient. It relieves tension and headache.
The Deemark herbal hair oil Plus is prepared by 57 very rare herbs like :

Bhringraj - 1250 mg, Shankhapuspi - 500 mg, Brahmi - 100 mg, Harar - 125 mg, Behera - 125 mg, Awla -125 mg, Kamal - 25 ml, Anantmool - 25 mg,Aamra - 25 mg, Manjistha - 25 mg, Padmakh - 50 mg, Lodhra - 50 mg, Chandan(Red) - 50 mg, Bala - 50 mg, Haridra - 25 mg, Daruharidra - 50 mg, Nagkeshar - 25 mg, Priyangu - 25 mg, Mulethi - 100 mg, Peepli - 25 mg, Jyotismati - 50 mg, Gulab - 50 mg, Mehandi - 100 mg, Shikakai - 25 mg, Reetha - 25 mg, Chitrak - 25 mg, Karanj - 25 mg, Aak - 25 mg, Kalihari - 1 mg, Vatsnabh -1mg, Gunja - 1 mg, Giloya - 50 mg, Sariva - 50 mg, Tulsi - 50 mg, Makoya - 25 mg, Devdar - 100 mg, Rasanjan - 25 mg, Alolvera - 100 mg, Neem - 50 mg, Bhilawa - 1 mg, Kasis - 10 mg, Bakuchi - 25 mg, Arjun - 25 mg, Gambhari - 50 mg, Jamun - 25 mg, Neeli - 150 mg, Sounth - 25 mg, Endrayal - 25 mg, Kadali - 50 mg, Bach - 25 mg, Nirgundi - 50 mg, Aswagandha - 100 mg, Chandra - 10 mg, Chakramard - 25 mg, Coconut Oil - 1 ml, Sesum Oil - 8.5 ml, Almond Oil - 0.5 ml, , which treats, nourishes conditions, revitalizes and promotes hair growth. This remarkable formula of 57 herbs is a major breakthrough for total hair care as its unique and high potential combination together penetrates deep into your scalp to nourish hair roots.
How to use :
Use deemark herbal hair plus two times in a day, in the morning after shower & in the night before going to bed. Gently massage for 10-15 min. Wash the hair with any herbal shampoo which suits you.

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